Nanoskin UPHOLSTERY Interior Cleaner and Shampoo (Dilution Ratio: 4:1 ~ 19:1)
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Key Features:
• Superior stain, resoiling properties
• Helps to upper the surfaces cleaner and stain free longer
• Removes oil, grease, dirt, blood, wine, coffee and most substances
• Without removing the natural sheen of any fine finish

UPHOLSTERY Interior Cleaner and Shampoo cleans all interior surfaces without harmful effects. Specially designed for today 's surfaces, UPHOLSTERY offers superior anti-stain, anti-resoiling properties helping to keep the surfaces cleaner and stain free longer. It removes oil, grease, dirt and most substances that stain all automotive interior surfaces, trunk or home carpet. Using unique cleaning technology, the best part is that the carpet or fabric will not be altered after cleaning.

Pre-Spray 15 : 1 (8oz per gallon)
Extraction Cleaner 63 : 1 (2oz per gallon)
Spot Remover 7 : 1 (16oz per gallon)
Hard Surface Cleaner 127 : 1 (1oz per gallon)

Dilute with water to designed strength.
• Remove all loose dirt by vacuuming.
• Apply UPHOLSTERY and agitate.
• Use a carpet cleaning brush for stubborn spots.
• Wipe with clean dry towels or vacuum with a WET/DRY vacuum.
• Allow to air dry.
How it works
The purpose of the soiling study is to determine the propensity of the chemical to resoil. This test is done in accordance with the ASTM testing standards.

How it works:
The carpet sample is placed into the soiling drum with a mixture of nylon chips and AATCC carpet soil and a hexapod. The hexapod is used to simulate foot traffic, which pushes the soil into the carpet. The soiling drum is then placed on the ball mill machine and the test is ran for a determined amount of time. This time can vary from 15 minutes to 48 hours. When the determined time has elapsed, the carpet sample is then taken out and vacuumed to remove the loose surface soil and fibers. The amount of soil left on the carpet determines the propensity for the chemical to resoil.

Brand: Nano SkinNano Skin
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