• Car : Any 2 door coupe or 4 door sedan.
  • Truck : Any pickup style truck. Not large work trucks such as dump trucks.
  • Small SUV : Any SUV that does not have 3rd-row seating.
  • Large SUV : Any SUV that does have 3rd-row seating.
  • Mini Van : Any minivan.
  • 12-16 Passenger Van : Any 12-16 passenger van.
  • Cargo Van : Any Commercial style cargo van (no rear seats).
  • Sprinter / Conversion Van : Sprinter, Pro-master or conversion van. Slightly larger than a cargo style van.

Boats are sized by the linear foot.

  • Open Bow/Ski Boat : Any boat that has an open bow. Generally these consist of ski boats and fishing boats
  • Closed Bow/Cuddy/Cruiser : Any boat that has a closed bow.
  • Center Console Boat : Any boat that has a center console area.
  • Pontoon Boat : Any pontoon style boat. Generally these don't have much exterior work to be done on them.
  • Sail Boat : Any boat with a sail.
  • XL Yacht (40+ ft) : Any boat larger than 40 ft in length.
  • Jet Ski/ WaveRunner : Any personal watercraft.

RVs are sized by the linear foot.

  • RV (Coach) : Any Motorhome style RV.
  • RV (5th Wheel/Trailer) : Any camping trailer or 5th wheel.
  • AirStream Trailer : A polished Aluminum pull behind trailer.
  • Motorcycle : Any 2 wheel motorcycle.
  • Personal ATV : Any small ATV such as a 4 wheeler.
  • Large ATV (Multi-person) : Any multi-person ATV such as a side-by-side or razor.
Semi Trucks
  • Sleeper Cab : Any Semi truck that has a sleeper cab with a bed in the back. (these details DO NOT include the trailer!)
  • Day Cab : Any Semi truck that just has the front 2 seats and no sleeping area. These have small cabs.  (these details DO NOT include the trailer!)


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