Nanoskin HYDROPHOBIC Paste Wax - 250 Gram
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Nanoskin HYDROPHOBIC provides relentless water beading, and its nano-sized polymer with light cleaning properties fills the pores of the paint. With unique nano tech and formulated white carnauba, HYDROPHOBIC provides warm, wet shine and deep gloss. Long-lasting hydrophobic effect keeps your ride clean and dust-free as long as rain drops take dirt away. Apply in any direction you choose. Best results are simply achieved by applying in very thin coats. As you may notice it dries instantly. You can remove it immediately, or finish applying it to the rest of your car.

• Rinse car with water to remove dirt and grease, then dry.
• Using a clean applicator or soft pad, apply evenly to a section at a time using overlapping, circular motions.
• Allow to dry to a haze and wipe off with a clean dry cloth.
• Buff lightly for a deep gloss shine.This product can expose you to Benzene, Ethyl Benzene, Naphthalene, and Toluene which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and reproductive harm.

Brand: Nano SkinNano Skin
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