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Nanoskin NANO SUDS Wash & Shine Shampoo (Dilution Ratio: 199:1)
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Key Features:
• Cleans, protects and conditions vehicle resulting in superior shine
• Protects the paint from swirls and scratches caused during washing
• EVERGREEN Shampoo Gun: 199: 1
• Dilutions: Hand Washing: 199: 1
• Deepens gloss, boosts shine

Nanoskin NANO SUDS Wash & Shine Shampoo Plus does more than clean your vehicle; it protects and conditions it resulting in a superior shine. The foam it produces is extra rich in lubricating oils and conditioners to protect the paint from swirls and scratches caused during washing. The conditioners infuse the paint with moisture so that it looks vibrant, bright, and glossy. The formula deepens gloss, boosts shine, and leaves a highly reflective, slick surface. NANO SUDS rinses clean and water sheets off your vehicle. It will dry fast and have minimal water spots as a result.
Compatible with EVERGREEN Shampoo Gun

Hand Washing 199 : 1
EVERGREEN Shampoo Gun 199 : 1

For Hand Washing & EVERGREEN Shampoo Gun-
• Mix 0.6 oz per gallon of water.
• Rinse surface with water to flush away loose dirt.
• Wash and rinse in sections.
• Begin with the roof, and work the suds down to the hood, trunk and sides.
• Rinse with clean water.
• Dry with clean and soft towels.
Brand: Nano SkinNano Skin
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