Nanoskin CRYSTAL-CLEAR VOC Free Glass Cleaner (Dilution Ratio: 40:1)
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Key Features:
VOC Free
Contains no harmful or harsh chemicals, including ammonia or alcohol
Uses an ultra-fine polishing agent
No streaks, no smears
Safe for glass, ceramics, stainless steel, acrylics, paint surfaces, polystyrene, ABS and polycarbonate

CRYSTAL-CLEAR highly concentrated VOC Free Glass Cleaner contains no harmful or harsh chemicals, including ammonia or alcohol that damages your car or the environment. By using an ultra-fine polishing agent, it gently removes dirt and grime from glass and clear plastic by polishing it away. The final result is a polished finish without streaks or smears. Safe for use on glass, ceramics, stainless steel, acrylics, paint surfaces, polystyrene, ABS and polycarbonate.

40 : 1

Dilute with water to designed strength.
Spray or wipe on surface.
Wipe with a clean dry towel or glass towel for a sparkling clean surface.
TIPS: All glass cleaners are sensitive to dirty towels. So, if you use a towel that's previously been used for polishing or waxing, remaining product residue is bound to leach out and smear your glass. Dedicated glass towels are your best bet.
Brand URL : https://nationaldetailpros.com
Brand: Nano SkinNano Skin
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