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P251 OxyForce RTU is an oxidizer cleaner, a 3.75 % hydrogen peroxide solution, that is recognized as a sanitizing bleaching agent for hard and soft surfaces.  The CDC website says a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution will inactivate rhinovirus when you let dwell for 6-8 minutes.   Use in the office, warehouse, showroom on any hard surface: doorknobs and handles, railings, light switches, etc. In a vehicle, wipe down door panels, armrests, steering wheel, gear shifts. Oxyforce will work on hard to clean stains on fabric seats or carpets. Great for coffee stains, red wine stains, and "kool-aid" type stains.  Another feature of this specialty product is that it will not leave water marks on sport fabric seats.    P251 dries without residue.

Hydrogen peroxide cleaners will dry out your skin, so wear gloves to avoid temporary dehydration!  Spray on area to be cleaned, and let sit for 6-8 minutes, then wipe.  Use a nylon brush to agitate the worst stains, scrubbing in one direction, back and forth. Follow with a microfiber, which grabs the encapsulated dirt, instead of spreading it.  Test for color fastness on an inconspicous spot first, as with any bleaching or strong cleaning product.

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Brand: National Detail ProsNational Detail Pros
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